Pioneer to use  the most advanced medical equipment

Pars Specialty Hospital has a 60 -year record for a wide range of medical services in Tehran. It has been one of the first private hospitals in Iran to be established with forty beds and now has the highest rating in the latest accreditation done by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Impressive Demand of Medical Buyers

Many people in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) are dissatisfied with their local healthcare systems and prefer receiving medical treatment abroad. According to Ahmed Saeed, Doctor of…

Networking in Health Tourism Value Chain

Saeed Hosseini is a graduate of political philosophy and medical sciences. A decade ago, he pursued his primary concern with creating a strong, civilized institution in the field of health…

Unique Surgeon for Unique Surgery

Dr Mehrdad Bohlooli, a surgeon and a member of the board of directors of Jam Hospital in Tehran, has launched a rarest method for advanced cancer treatment since 2015 in Iran.…

Significant Medical Achievements

When we mention Shiraz as a medical tourism hub in Iran, the speciality and subspecialty role of Ordibehesht hospital is so remarkable. The hospital has been accredited as the first-class medical center since 2003. This hospital is one of the 20 superior hospitals in the country, which has made important achievements in medical tourism approaches.